Houston's historic Third Ward is one of six historic wards in the city. It is located just southeast of downtown Houston. At first glance, many people may see Third Ward as just another inner city neighborhood needing to be replaced by something different; a place of scarcity and lack.

However, at Square Inch Houston, we choose to view our neighborhood with a different lens. Our neighborhood is not a place of scarcity, but a place of deep abundance. God has blessed our neighborhood with numerous resources. He calls us to see both brokenness, and beauty as we seek the welfare and flourishing of our neighborhood and city.

The people of Third Ward, our greatest resource, are strong, resilient, beautiful and proud. They are creators of culture and protectors of history. They deserve to remain in a place that has historical and cultural significance for them, enjoying the abundance of our God as they live, work, and thrive in this place. 

Together with our neighbors and partners, we work for the social and spiritual renewal of our city.

We do not want to be passive recipients of our neighborhood’s destiny. We want to be active creators of its future.
— Dr. Assata Richards