Our initiative seeks to renew our neighborhood socially and spiritually through a residential cohort that forms Christ-like, gospel-shaped, educated leaders who take ownership for the transformation of their neighborhoods. Forming Leaders. Transforming Communities.

Many people see Third Ward simply as an underserved community that needs to be replaced with something different. This philosophy of scarcity fails to recognize this neighborhood for what it truly is; a place teeming with leaders who,  given the right training, networks, relationships, and resources, are more than capable of transforming their communities from within in a just and sustainable way.

We recognize that people of color and people from neighborhoods like ours deserve the chance to pursue educational opportunities that will create flourishing in their neighborhoods as much as people from any other ethnic or socio-economic group. This initiative seeks to provide on-ramps for the development of local, urban leaders who see the beauty of Jesus in their neighborhoods, find where God is working, and chose to align themselves with that, bringing the beauty of Christ’s kingdom out of broken people, places and systems, and amplifying hope in the good things that already exist here.