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As Seasons Change...

As the seasons change in Houston, we at Square Inch can’t help but look back and take note of the developments God has seen us through over the last few months. Our board has increased in strength, action, and number! The growth in number came as we welcomed Ross Hampton to the team. Ross’ passion for Christ, construction management, and the community of Houston has drawn him to become our newest board member.

Square Inch has grown in knowledge and strength, too. We were blessed with the opportunity to partner with a supporter of our organization whose talent in non-profit management was leveraged to lead our Board Development Retreat. Over the course of the retreat, our team learned how an effective board thinks, and began implementing strategies to do our transformational work. This retreat left the team feeling motivated -- ready to define our goals and put them into action!

The momentum from the retreat moved our Facilities Committee to action. With a reinvigorated desire to serve Third Ward and work with college students, they are now committed to seeking out a quarterly service project that facilitates connection between students and the neighborhood. With a group of six Rice University students, the team spent a Saturday in September revitalizing a small church in the community. Wall paper removal is a very tasking job!

As I recount the last months, and look forward to the upcoming season of "Thankfulness," my heart is filled with gratitude. I am grateful for the support that has come from friends of the organization. I am grateful for the opportunities we have had to love and serve Houston's historic Third Ward neighborhood. And this gives me hope for the opportunities that will take shape as Square Inch continues to grow into its mission: "Mobilizing wholehearted, justice driven leaders for the social and spiritual renewal of communities."

Thank you all for your partnership in our work!



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