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With Gratitude

At Square Inch, we are grateful for our neighbors, our partners, and the amazing calling etched into the fabric of our organization. We are also thankful for YOU! Our amazing network of friends and supporters are the ones who keep us going! Join Square Inch Houston in forming wholehearted, justice driven leaders for the social and spiritual renewal of communities.

Consider giving a Special Gift or becoming one of our Sustaining Partners through monthly giving by November 27th #GivingTuesday. Visit to learn more.

Speaking about reconciliation to Impact Movement students.

Recently, John Eigege participated in a conversation hosted by the Impact Movement that sought reconciliation, understanding, and stronger partnerships between African, Black (African American) and Caribbean students.

Square Inch is deeply committed to the reconciling work of Jesus, and this was a great opportunity to share our work in transformation by inviting young, black leaders to join us in taking ownership for the transformation of communities like 3rd Ward and our local campuses.

Your partnership helps us continue to inspire the next generation of leadership to remain in our communities to live and lead. Please click on the "Give" button below and partner with us in forming leaders who transform communities!

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